Dec. 13, 2021

多亏了NBAA和通用航空制造商协会(GAMA)的协调倡议, 美国联邦航空局最近宣布了一项计划,以确保12月12日在俄克拉荷马市的联邦航空局飞机登记处有有限的人员可用. 31.

由于联邦雇员预定在12月12日星期五完成飞机交易,一个奇怪的日历导致了与年底前完成飞机交易相关的潜在头痛. 31 off in observance of the New Year holiday on Jan. 1.

NBAA, GAMA and other stakeholders, 包括国际飞机经销商协会和国家飞机金融协会, proactively raised this issue to FAA leadership earlier this month. Due to the unprecedented volume of transactions in 2021 and supply chain challenges, many aircraft deals will finalize at the end of December. The associations suggested reasonable mitigations to the FAA for consideration, taking into account the dedication of FAA employees at the registry and appreciating that Dec. 31 is a federal holiday.

“飞机买家和卖家将需要一年中的每一天来完成飞机交易,” said Scott O’Brien, NBAA senior director of public policy and advocacy. “Considering the value of the aircraft, 如果在2021年不能完成哪怕是少量的交易,就会对制造商的利润产生重大影响.”

“With the demand we’re seeing, [a Dec. 31 closure] is an unfortunate set of circumstances,” said Jens Hennig, GAMA’s vice president of operations. “最近比较火的正规赌博软件知道,出于税务筹划的目的,客户希望在年底前拥有一架新飞机,最近比较火的正规赌博软件完全理解这一点.”

GAMA reports due to supply chain issues, 一些制造商预定在12月的最后一周交付几十架飞机.

The associations requested the FAA keep full staff until 3:30 p.m. on Dec. 30 and provide a skeleton crew on Dec. 31 to process documents submitted to the FAA by email and through the public documents room. After careful review, the FAA agreed in part to move forward with both of these requests.

On Dec. 31, the FAA will “file stamp” documents submitted through the public documents room or by email, 但只有那些与所有权转移有关的文件以及任何支持贷款或租赁文件将被盖章. By federal law, the date and time of the filed stamp from the Registry is considered the point of perfection, along with International Registry registrations when applicable, for buyers, lessors and lenders purchasing and financing an aircraft.

The FAA will not actually process the documents submitted on Dec 31, so parties will not be able to obtain a fly wire, import/export an aircraft, 更新飞机注册或取得唯一授权代码,以便在国际注册处登记. Those tasks will be completed after the holiday weekend. Parties needing to fly internationally immediately after closing should plan to close Dec. 30 or if not sooner, 如果在闭幕时要求国际注册,各方应考虑进行预期注册或在12月12日或之前获得唯一的授权代码. 30.

“这是一个很好的例子,说明行业发现了问题,FAA理解了人们的担忧,同时也对员工的需求很敏感,” said O’Brien. “nba感谢联邦航空局的快速反应,这将有助于该行业强劲地结束今年.”

So if you’re currently involved in buying or selling an aircraft, do you have time to close this year?

Scott McCreary, attorney with McAfee and Taft in Oklahoma City, said there’s a now an additional opportunity for transactions to be completed on Dec. 31.

“如果各方打算在12月最后一周完成交易,他们最好的押注是在12月12日完成交易. 29 or 30. If they have to close on the 31st, 美国联邦航空局为最近比较火的正规赌博软件提供了一个机会,以采取相关的所有权转移文件,并在正常工作时间将它们提交到联邦航空局公共文件室的归档箱,” said McCreary.

Based on guidance from the FAA, McCreary确认,双方应该在归档的求职信中指定这些文件为“所有权转移文件”. He also noted applicants must submit payment using to pay fees, as the agency won’t be able to process checks on Dec. 31.

The holidays also have International Registry impacts.

Listen to an NBAA Flight Plan podcast on the issue.