The prospect of creating a flight operations manual can seem overwhelming for single pilots and light business airplane (LBA) owners and 运营商. 为了解决这个问题, NBAA created a resource designed specifically to meet the needs of LBA 运营商 in creating or updating a flight operations manual. Enhancing safety for all business aircraft 运营商, regardless of size, helps everyone. NBAA hopes you will find a place for this reference in your operation.

The resource contains guidance on topics such as safety management systems (SMS), 标准操作程序, 资格和培训, and provides a risk assessment tool designed specifically for LBA 运营商.

飞行操作手册的有效性, 必须根据操作人员的具体需求进行定制. With that in mind, this resource should be used as a starting point in the creation of a manual. 例如, an LBA operator might have specific verbal callouts or checklists that are used in flight. 在这种情况下, the 标准操作程序 section should be modified to reflect the actual procedures that are used.

本文档提供PDF和Word两种文件格式. The NBAA-branded PDF版本 is suitable for use as a sample to review and share with colleagues when planning the creation or revision of your own company manual. The Word format is provided to facilitate the creation of your own customized and company-specific manual. NBAA encourages companies to copy and paste text from the Word file directly into their own documents as needed.

Operators are encouraged to contact the NBAA Operations Service Group at or (202) 783-9250 with any questions or feedback on this resource.