NBAA and its member companies are committed to making business aviation as safe as possible, 在大多数情况下, the industry enjoys a safety record comparable to that for the commercial airlines. 不过, nba意识到一次事故太多了, which is why the association provides several safety education resources as well as its annual Flying 安全 Awards, 认可在安全操作方面的卓越表现.


罗伯特E. Breiling Associates’ annual review has become the industry’s guide to aviation safety, with detailed narrative accounts of fixed- and rotary-wing turbine aircraft accidents and incidents reported worldwide. 每个事故的摘要都包括在内, 确定飞机模型, 符类型, 阶段的操作, 条件和所有报道的情况的事实描述. NBAA最近比较火的正规赌博软件在购买评论时将获得折扣. 欲了解更多信息,请致电或联系Breiling Associates, or


与庞巴迪, NBAA sponsors this multi-day event focused on improving business aviation safety. The 安全 Standdown brings aircraft 运营商 together with safety experts in the industry and government for a series of seminars that integrate knowledge-based and skill-based training, 并关注各种与安全相关的话题, 包括医疗培训, 空中消防, 陆地和水中的飞机疏散, 高空生理(缺氧), 疲劳的对策, 跑道入侵, 结冰和使用机载天气雷达. 所有参加者将获得结业证书, and are eligible to receive continuing education credits from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, National Test Pilot School and NBAA’s 认证航空经理(CAM)计划. The 安全 Standdown is provided to the industry at no charge for participants. 了解更多关于安全停歇.


Because safety is paramount in business aviation and demands that professionals continually improve their skills through shared best practices, NBAA actively supports regional groups that hold safety seminars in their local communities. 这些活动促进了对安全的最佳思考, and augment the information provided at NBAA’s national safety events like the annual National 安全 Forum and Single Pilot 安全 Standdown.


NBAA’s Flying 安全 Awards have brought worldwide attention to the business aviation community’s outstanding safety record, 并得到了国家安全委员会的认可和批准. 每年授予, the Flying 安全 Awards recognize the individuals and organizations that have achieved superior safety records. The Flying 安全 Award recipients exemplify the careful and conscientious way that business aviation 运营商 fly and maintain their aircraft. 了解更多有关飞行安全奖的资讯.


In order to assist the membership in developing or refining a formal safety program, the NBAA 安全 Committee has compiled this Prototypical Business Aviation 安全 Manual. 了解更多.