NBAA, Aviation Groups Call on the FAA to Mitigate Santa Clara County’s Rushed Decision to Ban 100LL Fuel

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路透华盛顿12月. 14, 2021 – The 最近比较火的正规赌博软件 (NBAA) and several other industry groups urged the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to take action regarding Santa Clara County’s rushed decision to ban the sale of 100LL as of Jan. 1, 2022.

在给联邦航空局局长斯蒂芬·迪克森的信中, the organizations called on the agency to use its “aviation safety mandate to prohibit individual airports from interrupting the availability of 100LL and stifling the cooperative industry-government effort to safely transition the entire general aviation fleet to unleaded fuels. 减轻飞行员和乘客(误加燃料)的风险对公共安全至关重要, 以及在这个过渡时期的人民和财产.”


The FAA was reminded that engine failures from misfuellings often occur at critical phases of flight, 比如起飞和爬升, NTSB的事故报告也记录了严峻的后果.

The letter pointed out that there are already misfuelling risks where visually similar airframes require different types of fuel (e.g. 塞斯纳421和塞斯纳441),以及一些流行的活塞式飞机模型(e.g. Beechcraft Bonanzas) are fleets in which some aircraft have engines that can use unleaded fuel and other aircraft do not.

Furthermore, piston aircraft with high-compression engines consume 75% of the 100LL sold in the U.S.; many of these engines are not approved to use unleaded fuels currently available in the marketplace. Those that are approved to use a lower-octane unleaded formulation must still obtain a supplemental type certificate to legally use the fuel. This can create a dilemma and risk to pilots who land at an airport at which only a lower-octane fuel is available than what they require to safely fly.

The groups added, “最近比较火的正规赌博软件致力于与FAA和行业利益相关者合作,以实现智能, 管理全国通用航空飞机向无铅燃料的过渡, 一个以安全为核心的问题. Unlike automobiles, 如果飞机发动机出现故障, 它不能简单地把车停在路边. 汽车工业花了很长时间才安全过渡到无铅燃料,并且取得了成功, 航空业也必须这样做.”

NBAA安全高级副总裁, Security, Sustainability and International operations Doug Carr underscored the importance of preserving the availability of a range of avgas fuels at airports nationwide near term. “The general aviation industry has been working diligently for years to effect a safe transition of the entire GA fleet to unleaded fuels, 最近比较火的正规赌博软件呼吁联邦航空局禁止当地的一些含铅气体禁令, 在过渡期间,哪些因素会威胁到机场的安全及关键通道,” he said.

除了nba, 这封信由飞机所有者和飞行员协会(AOPA)的领导人签署, 试验飞机协会(EAA), 通用航空制造商协会(GAMA), National Air Transportation Association (NATA) and Helicopter Association International (HAI).

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