Thinking about management? Become a CAM. By achieving this credential, you will prepare yourself for career growth and opportunity, prove your knowledge and qualifications to be an industry leader, gain the recognition of your peers and superiors, and join an elite group of business aviation professionals.

Step Up to a Leadership Role

认证航空经理(CAM)计划确定合格的专业人员来领导使用公务机的部门和组织. CAM证书认可致力于持续发展和更高实践标准的专业人员.


  • Leadership
  • Human Resources
  • Operations
  • Technical and Facilities Services
  • Business Management

CAMs是具有示范性行业知识和专业知识水平的专业人员. These men and women are committed to excellence and prepared to lead.

How CAM Works for You

Who is interested in your CAM credential?

  • Employers
  • Passengers
  • Crew members
  • Peers
  • Business leaders

As a CAM, 你可以证明你达到了行业标准,你有潜力成为一名成功的航空部门经理. Additional benefits of becoming a CAM:

  • 行业公认的头衔,让你在商务航空领导者的桌子上占有一席之地
  • 一个工具,帮助当前的管理者开始一个识别未来领导者的继任计划
  • 增加了你继续职业发展的动力,并保持在行业的顶端
  • Access to a network of industry professionals to help you succeed

Certification is an objective, 对标准进行第三方审查,旨在保护商务航空管理中所有利益相关者的利益. 这表明你已经准备好通过广泛的学习和准备进入航空部门工作.

Earn your CAM and distinguish yourself from the rest.


CAM is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). NCCA的认证向商务航空专业人士和公众表明,CAM项目已经经过了一个公正的专家小组的审查,并符合NCCA严格的标准. CAM项目是航空工业中第一个获得该证书的项目.

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想要成为CAMs的人必须具备一定的资格才能参加考试. Review the CAM application now.

The exam is appropriate for any individual currently managing, or aspiring to manage, any aspect of business aviation operations.

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What Others Have Said

“I wanted to be better prepared to do my job, 以及我在准备CAM考试时学到的东西——飞机使用对税收的影响, for example – gave me a broader understanding of the needs of aircraft owners.”

Director of Aviation Services, Hangar Aviation Management
Former NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers Committee Chair

“It definitely helped me get my current position. 我当了很多年的上尉,最近还拿到了工商管理硕士学位,但CAM确实是一个因素. It helped put my resume at the top of the pile.”

Director of Aviation, Glazer’s

“For me, 成为CAM的真正教育是与那些帮助你通过认证过程并成为你导师的人建立专业联系.”

Assistant Director of Operations, Key Air

“My goal is to someday be director of a flight department. That’s why I went for the CAM – to give me the credential to do that.”

Senior Manager of Maintenance, The Home Depot