How To Set Any Music Festival Tunes As Your Ringtone For Android

Set Any Music Festival Tunes As Your Ringtone For Android

There is a reason why everyone goes crazy for festival tracks, and that is the magic that these songs create around. The DJ beats, lyrics, and the overall mixing make the aura spectacular that no one can resist. There are not just the summers when people prefer the festive songs but they sound great any time of the year.

Inspired from the festive tracks, many people wish to have these songs as their phone’s ringtone. There is nothing wrong in that, in fact, a festive tune sets an individual differently. You can flaunt your ringtone and impress your colleagues, friend circle, or just anyone around.

So, let’s get on to the process how you can make a festive music your ringtone for Android-

Finding the Festival Music Ringtone

To set a ringtone in your phone, you first need to have the tune. Now, there are different ways by which you can have these tunes downloaded. You can either go and browse these tunes directly into the browser that comes as the most straightforward way and less time-consuming.

This way, you download the ringtone from a genuine website and using the Setting of your phone, you set it as your ringtone.

The second method is about downloading the ringtone app. This may be a bit time-consuming if you do not get satisfied with the collection of one ringtone app, you have to try another one. So, this way, you stumble upon various ringtones app and find the perfect festive music ringtones there.

Festival Music Ringtone

Another way is downloading the whole song into your phone and convert it into the ringtone. Imagine if you can’t find the particular ringtone or the particular beats or words that you want as your ringtone. In this case, you can download the song and download a song cutter as well.

You trim the exact part of the song that you want to have and the rest gets deleted. Now, this trimmed part can be saved in your phone and used as the ringtone.

So, these are some of the most worked way to have a ringtone of your choice. Go for anyone that sounds simple to you and grab your favorite festive music ringtone.

Setting a Ringtone on Your Android Phone

Step – 1: To set any tune as your ringtone in Android phones, you need to access Settings on your phone. After that, Go to Sounds and Notifications and choose Ringtones.

Step – 2: There choose the Sim you want to set the ringtone for. A list will open up with all the ringtones where you need to scroll down to the bottom. Here you see an option “Add from phone.”

Step – 13 Click this option and a list of all recently downloaded sounds open up. Choose the ringtone you just downloaded or converted and it will be set as your new ringtone for all the incoming calls.

Here is the quick way to follow: Settings>Sounds>Ringtone>SIM>Add from phone

Using Ringtone for a Specific Contact

Step – 1: To use the ringtone for a specific contact, visit Contacts of your phone and choose the name of the person.

Step – 2: Click Detail and then Edit. In the Phone tab, scroll down to the bottom where it says More.

Step – 3: There you can see the option saying Ringtone, tap this option and in the new screen the list of ringtones occur.

Go to the bottom where it says Add from phone and choose your ringtone.

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